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Obituary of Carl Paler

November 8, 2018


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In celebration of an extraordinary guy. With gratitude and much love.

Posted by: Peter Schuddekopf - Manhattan, NY - April 26, 2019

When I met Carl in the 1970s, he was a gregarious up and coming avant guard photographer. And it would not be overstating to say that Carl was popular and much sought-after in Greenwich Village, SoHo and beyond. He was very adept at making connections, bringing people together and ensuring enjoyable conversation. Rarely could Carl walk down a street without at least one person waving or coming over to greet him.

He was known by the bouncers and bartenders at many a pub in the Village. So too the shopkeepers. Carl knew everyone. And if he didn't, he made it a point to introduce himself. He had a curiosity about people, the ability to make one feel at ease and the gift of gab. He was humble, generous, liked by and touched/influenced more people than one can count. Carl was and is part of the very essence of Greenwich Village.

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - April 27, 2019

Years ago i moved to New York City. Knew nobody. Met Carl in a bar one night and he suggested I throw myself a birthday party at the loft he used for his photography. They he had me print up invitations and we handed them out to people who were then strangers.

Came the day a whole bunch of [people showed up. Some ven brought small presents.

A number of them became friends for the next several years that I lived in the city. Thanks to Carl I went from friendless to the member of a community.

Posted by: Bob Paiva - MIDDLETOWN, CT - April 28, 2019

A milestone, this day.

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - June 5, 2019

Years of adventure, fun and laughter. Countless memories.

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - November 8, 2019

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - November 8, 2020

Thinking today back to the 70s. Carl loved to walk, to explore every street, nook and cranny of the West Village, the East Village, the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown, SoHo, the neighborhoods now known as Nolita and NoHo and beyond. And it seemed that he knew at least one person who lived in each. Starting on a weekend late morning, Carl and I would easily walk for four or five hours. We would start at his apartment and most often head east. We'd pause and admire the First Presbyterian Church at 48 Fifth. We never missed an opportunity to stop and gaze at the mews: The Washington Mews, MacDougal Alley, Patchiin Place and Milligan Place and then continue east. Walking and talking, stoping and looking at so many things. Passing the Katz Deli more times than I can count. Browsing the contents of any and all interesting storefronts. And so much more. Stopping and sitting in Washington Square Park to take in the sights. Each and every one of our hours-long walks was an enjoyable and fascinating exploration of the city we'd both fallen in love with.

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - November 8, 2021

Every moment with Carl was a gift.

Posted by: Peter Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - November 9, 2021

Your birthday is in June, I think about a week or so ago. Just want it on the record that some of us remember.

Posted by: Pete Schuddekopf - Phoenix, AZ - Friend June 16, 2022

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