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Chapel and Graveside Services...

Chapel and Graveside Services

Let Us Handle the Details
  • Chapel or Graveside service
  • Rabbi arrangements
  • Death certificate copies
  • Obituaries/N.Y. Times etc.
  • Social Security benefits
  • Monument inscriptions
  • Insurance notification
  • Worldwide transfers
  • And much more….

Of course, you’re looking for answers but, where do you begin? When a loved one passes on, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain. We will help you gather your thoughts, listen to your wishes, give you a clear starting point and help you through it all.

After the death of a loved one, what should I do first?

In circumstances where death is imminent, it’s best to contact Beth Abraham before the need arises. Our funeral director will guide you in a professional and informative manner. We are available to assist you at any time of the day or evening. Many families choose to have a hospice program such as VNS, Calvary or MJHS administer care in the home of the dying person. Once death has occurred, the family should immediately call the hospice nurse on duty to come to the home and make the official pronouncement of death. The nurse or a family member can call the funeral home to come and bring your loved one into our care. In the event of an inpatient hospital death, our staff will work with the appropriate administrator to coordinate the transfer to our facility. In situations where death is sudden, the police and the medical examiner may intervene to determine the circumstances surrounding the death. No matter the situation, it is best to know your options in advance.

What exactly is a “Jewish” funeral?

First and foremost, the intent of a Jewish funeral is to comfort the survivors. It is important that those close family members, with support from clergy and extended family, decide what customs and traditions best meet your needs. The funeral service should be designed to honor the memory of your loved one and support the survivors in their time of need. Judaism provides the context, friends and family provide the support, and the funeral director is there to make sure all the necessary elements are presented in a seamless, dignified manner.

Beth Abraham provides the highest quality funeral services during your time of need. Jewish families that select Beth Abraham for their loved-one’s services often describe their experience as if they were dealing with family.

We can provide everything you need, whether you wish to hold the service in our funeral chapel, in your synagogue, or at the graveside.

Jewish Funeral Services

Our experienced staff can help create an affordable personalized Jewish funeral service that is both individual and meaningful for relatives and friends.
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Alternative Services

Beth Abraham provides affordable cremation services as an alternative to burials. We also provide dignified funeral and cremation services for a wide variety of lifestyles and beliefs to families in Manhattan.
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Memorial Services

We offer various options depending on the requests and needs of a decedent’s survivors.  While many people use the phrases “funeral service” and “memorial service” interchangeably, they are actually very different options.
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Live Webcasts

Through the use of modern technology, Beth Abraham’s Webcast service allows friends and family members to watch funeral services when they cannot attend due to distance, illness or scheduling.
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Bereavement Resources

Beth Abraham’s staff can recommend and connect families with trusting and caring grief counseling services in our area. In your time of grief, counseling is important in helping you to come to terms with the passing of a loved one. Well trained and compassionate, the counseling groups we work with are there in your time of need.
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Cemetery Information

Beth Abraham is affiliated with and recommends these local Jewish cemeteries.
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Funeral Shipping Services

Beth Abraham is the local Funeral Home with the global ability to handle any funeral or remains shipping circumstance that may arise.
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Concierge Services

Let us help you find local area restaurants, cafes, convenient parking and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find whatever you need for any budget or group size.
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Legal Services, Estates and Wills

Each year thousands of New Yorkers are confronted by complex legal situations and questions over the death of a loved one or friend.
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Beth Abraham offers families a variety of Products and Merchandise at affordable prices. Whether you’re on a strict budget or have special needs, we can provide you with the best options for your needs.
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Learn more about the Jewish Memorial Traditions and customs that our clients, and we, hold dear.

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