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Alternative Funeral Options...

Alternative Funeral Options

At Beth Abraham, we value an individual’s right to choose a non-traditional path.

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Families can feel comfortable choosing alternative services.

In recent years, more people have turned to cremation as an affordable alternative to traditional burial…

It should be noted that cremation is not a common practice in Judaism. However, it is suggested that the loved ones be carried out.

The biggest misconception about cremation is that there can’t be a funeral service prior.   In fact, families may choose the comfort of a traditional funeral with the cremation taking place afterwards.

Simple direct cremation, without any service, may be right in certain circumstances, but others may desire additional services. We can assist you and your family with any arrangement including memorial services or traditional funerals.

Memorial services before or after cremation are arranged with or without the deceased present and the service may occur following the cremation, sometimes with the cremated remains present in an appropriate urn.

Beth Abraham understands the needs of today’s individualized needs and provides simple, direct cremation as an environmentally responsible, affordable alternative to burial.

For cremation, we can arrange for ashes to be entombed in a niche or to be scattered in a variety of ways, including by boat or by plane.

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My spouse is Jewish, but I’m not. How will that affect my decisions?

In this uncertain time, the surviving spouse should consult with his or her clergy. Both the funeral director and a Rabbi can explain the customs and traditions. You should consider seeking the guidance of either professional before the need arises. You may also have access to a hospice rabbi that can serve to answer many of your concerns. Your spouse’s relatives might offer guidance and assistance. Wherever you choose to turn, be confident there are those close to you who will lend their support and guidance.

Surviving Partner, LGPT Community

Sometimes, a surviving partner or non-family member is the person making funeral arrangements. We consider every relationship of equal value, and we listen to your wishes and will work hard to create the kind of funeral that will best honor the deceased.

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