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Jewish Funeral Services...

Jewish Funeral Services

You have options. We’ll help you choose what’s best. There are many choices each with its own merit.

Compassionate care for all generations…

100% Service Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with unsurpassed attention before, during and after the service. To that end, we offer this guarantee: if there is anything we can do to meet your individual needs, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately.

We’ll take you through each one, step by step–taking the time to explain each one, answer your questions and help you decide what kind of setting would be right for your family. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll help you plan the details.

Chapel Service…

The funeral or memorial service fills an important role, including:

  • Honor and recognize the life and legacy of the deceased
  • Allow friends and family to say their last good-byes
  • Provide closure after the loss of a loved one
  • Allow friends to console the family of the loved one
  • Bring the community together to say good-bye

Our large elegantly appointed Chapel with traditional stained glass, comfortable seating and modern technology is the perfect setting to honor your loved one. Speakers eulogizing will have the benefit of a solid walnut podium and cordless microphone with a state of the art sound system. Perfect lighting and elegant fabrics enhance the visual experience.

In times of need and sadness, many families find comfort with the familiarity of their own Rabbi. Beth Abraham will work with your temple or synagogue, to ensure that the funeral service is conducted according to your wishes. Should you need the services of a Rabbi, we can provide you with the perfect choice who will speak with you in length and meet with you before to ensure the services are personal and meet your specific wishes.

Graveside Services…

Many families prefer the simplicity and practicality of a graveside services. Beth Abraham can conduct a service to honor your loved one at the cemetery of your family’s choice. Our experienced staff and associated Rabbis can help create a personalized graveside service that is both individual and meaningful for relatives and friends.

Learn More About Graveside Services

Out-of-Town Needs?

When a death occurs outside of New York City, you can rely on us to handle all the details. We have contacts in almost every city in the United States and many cities throughout the world. We arrange all the details to transport your loved one home, so you avoid duplication of effort, and expense.

How We Can Personalize…

At Beth Abraham, we understand the uniqueness and character of your loved ones. We will suggest ways of bringing the spirit and essence of the deceased into the service. The creativity and individual expression that is possible is limitless. For example, we can arrange…

  • Obituaries – We will assist you in creating and forwarding information for newspaper obituaries   (Eg: New York Times) regarding contributions to a favorite charity in memory of the deceased.
  • Video and Audio Taping – Video and audio taping of a memorial service is available to preserve the words and anecdotes of family and friends.
  • Web Streaming – Live Web-Streaming of the service to family and friends, anywhere in the world that cannot attend, arranged directly through our web site with a family selected password to gain access.
  • Display Tables – When requested, will provide elegant wooden tables and pedestals to display personal photos or personal collectibles.
  • Memory Boards and Easels – We can set up memory boards and easels to display photos or other imagery recalling cherished memories. The enlargement of photographs to as large as life-size.
  • Music – We can arrange for musicians to perform during the service, play a CD or cassette recording on our state of the art music system. We also offer Sirius XM music services to our families.

Examples of Personalization…

When a parent dies that has young children we provide a memorial book and a desk where friends and relatives can sit and write about their relationship with the deceased and perhaps how that person helped and made a difference in their life. This bound volume is a wonderful and valuable keepsake when the children grow older.
After the death of a young man, we displayed his kayak, skis, and surfboard along with other personal items.
The family of a woman that collected hats had many of them displayed around the room, and in the obituary the family invited eleven women attending the funeral to wear a hat or bonnet.
When a prominent artist died, we turned the room into a gallery of sorts by displaying some of his paintings. We also used the artist’s self portrait, had it miniaturized into a memorial card and printed a poem that the family selected on the reverse side to hand out to those attending.
She loved the Japanese maple trees on her country home, we brought in 15-gallon potted trees and displayed them along with his personal belongings. Our staff later arranged to have the trees planted on their country property.
When an owner of an opera company died, we suggested they bring in some sets and costumes to personalize the service.
For an avid car collector, we suggested that his favorites be parked outside the funeral home, so when everyone arrived for the services they were on display.
Jewish Candle in Stained Glass Window

Traditions & Etiquette

Learn more about the Jewish Memorial Traditions and customs that our clients, and we, hold dear.

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